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DEWALT DCB127 10.8V - 2.0Ah XR Lion Battery
Dewalt DCB127 is a long life li-ion battery pack with a small lightweight design providing the use..
DEWALT DCB182 18V- 4.0Ah XR Lion Battery
DeWalt DCB182 XR 4.0Ah Li-Ion Battery Pack offers excellent electrical characteristics and is compa..
DEWALT DCB183 18V - 2.0Ah XR Lion Battery
DeWalt DCB183 XR 2.0Ah Battery Pack offers extended run time and optimised power to complete applic..
DEWALT DCB184 18V - 5.0Ah Lion Battery
DeWalt 5.0Ah XR Lithium-Ion battery packs will deliver 66% more runtime than a standard 3.0Ah batte..
DEWALT DCB547 FLEXVOLT 54V -  9.0Ah Battery
DeWalt 54V 9ah Battery has unprecedented levels of power, finally giving you  power you need f..
Makita BL1830 18V - 3.0 Ah. Li-ion battery
The Makita 18v 3.0Ah Lithium-Ion battery contains high energy density technology. Being Lithium-Ion..
MAKITA BL1840 18V- 4.0Ah Lion baterry
The Makita BL1840 battery is lightweight and shock-absorbing. The Li-ion range delivers 430% more w..
MAKITA BL1850 18V - 5.0Ah. Lion batterys
 The Makita BL1850B 5.0Ah 18v Li-ion battery provides 66% more run time than that of the 3.0A..
MAKITA BL1860 18V - 6.0AH LI-ION Battery
 Makita BL1860B 18v LXT 6.0Ah Li-Ion Battery is engineered to give more run time (twice the ru..
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