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New brushless motor: The new larger motor provides more power and efficiency.

Speed control function: Reduces risk of error during metal hole saw.

Delay: New gradual turn for fine control especially at the start of drilling or use of small screws.

New hybrid switch: In order to avoid friction on the parts and in the use of the electric break, Panasonic has developed a semi-electronic switch. This results in better performance and doubles the life.

New chuck ultra hard inside.

Modern carbon design.

No-load speed (low / high) in r / min (rpm) 20-480 / 70-1580

Maximum torque (screwing in soft / hard material) 32/50 Nm


Voltage / battery capacity  14.4 / 18V

Speed at no load (low / high) in min-1 (rpm) 20 – 480 / 70 – 1,580

Max. torque (stalling / instant torque) 32 / 50Nm 32 / 50Nm

Clutch torque 0.5 – 4.4Nm 0.5 – 4.4Nm

Clutch stages 18 + drill position 18 + drill position

Size (L x H x W) 178 x 250 x 68mm

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