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  • Fully automatic horizontal and vertical rotary laser
  • Levelling accuracy of 0.2mm/m
  • Protected rotary head with no blind spots and weatherproof design deliver class-leading interior and exterior jobsite durability
  • Wireless (IR) remote control operated scan mode generates a line between two points for an extremely bright beam over long distances which can then be moved by the user leaving hands free
  • Remote control allows single person operation over long distances
  • Built in beam splitting prism allows easy squaring applications
  • Wall mount allows the laser to be attached to a wall for drop ceiling installation
  • The digital detector facilitates accurate and easy exterior levelling over distance
  • Heavy duty carrying case protects unit and helps maintain calibration in storage

    • DW075 transmitter
    • Laser Detector
    • Wall mount
    • Laser target card
    • Laser enhancement glasses
    • Heavy duty carrying case
    • Construction grade rod
    • Construction tripod

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