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  • Fully self-levelling horizontal and vertical rotary laser for internal and external applications
  • Levelling accuracy of 0.1 mm/m combined with DEWALT durability
  • Multi-voltage compatibility with 9.6 – 18 Volt (NiCd / NiMH / Li-ion) DEWALT battery packs
  • Protected rotary head and weatherproof design deliver jobsite durability
  • Remote control allows single person operation over long distances
  • Built in beam-splitting prism allows easy 90º lay out and plumb up applications
  • The remote control features a manual button to allow the user to tilt the laser plane in the X and Y axis
  • Wall mount allows the laser to be attached to a wall for drop ceiling installation
  • Private remote control facility allowing commands only from the owners remote control to operate the rotary laser.

    • DW079KH
    • Digital Detector (DE0772-XJ)
    • Combi grade rod (DE0737-XJ)
    • Heavy duty telescopic tripod (DE0735-XJ)
    • Gradient bracket (DE0738-XJ)
    • Wireless (IR) remote control
    • 18 Volt 2.6Ah NiMH battery
    • 1 hour charger
    • Laser target card
    • Wall mount
    • Laser enhancement glasses
    • Heavy duty carrying case

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