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Comes with

  • 1 X 12V 2.0AH Battery & Charger
  • 1 X Magnetic Bracket
  • 1 x Carry Case
  • 1 x Pouch

The Bosch GLL 3-80 CG 360° Connected Green-Beam Three-Plane Leveling and Alignment-Line Laser provides an all-in-one level and alignment solution for one-person job setup. The leveling laser generates three green-beam laser chalk lines in 360° laser planes – one horizontal and two vertical. With Bluetooth connectivity, users can control the setup of the laser from across the room with their smart phone and the free Bosch Leveling Remote App.

The laser offers dual power technology, employed the included Bosch 12 V Max Lithium-ion battery for extended runtime, or with four AA alkaline batteries. The laser has a working range of up to 30M and with the working range receiver extends up to 120M. This laser features VisiMax Technology to drive maximum line visibility, CAL Guard for calibration assurance and robust over-molded construction to withstand dusty jobsite conditions.


  • Bright green laser lines offer up to four times better visibility than red lines  
  • High precision thanks to the CAL Guard control function and the Bluetooth connection to smartphones for use by remote control and wireless tool configuration
  • Great work efficiency thanks to its 3 projection lines at 360 °: simultaneous performance of vertical and horizontal leveling work throughout the room with a single tool


  • Ultimate all-in-one leveling and alignment laser – facilitates one-person job setup with connected capability, dual-power technology and long working range
  • Bright green-beam laser – Excellent 30m working range - 120M when used with the LR 7 receiver (not included). 
  • Self-levelling (±4° in <4 sec), very precise (± 0.2 mm/m) and range of up to 120M with the LR 7 Professional receiver (not included)
  • Built-in VisiMax technology – Monitors power consumption to maximize line visibility and extend battery life
  • Bluetooth connectivity – Controls the operation of the laser from across the room with their smart phone and the free Bosch Leveling Remote App
  • Bosch Leveling Remote App – Free to download and free to use, this app turns the leveling laser and receiver mode on and off, select the laser planes, adjust line visibility and provide battery and level alerts
  • Dual power technology – Utilizes the included Bosch 12 V Max Lithium-ion battery or four AA alkaline batteries
  • Smart Pendulum System – self levels and indicates out-of-level condition up to ±4°
  • Manual mode – locks lines for use at any angle
  • BM 1 positioning device – clips to multiple surfaces, stands on floor with retractable feet and mounts to drywall or wood with screws for quick and easy setup
  • CAL Guard – monitors the level laser for calibration trouble, such as drops or high heat
  • Jobsite tough over-molded construction – withstands rainy or dusty jobsite conditions, and is IP54 rated
    500 – 540 nm, < 10 mW
    -10 – 40 °C
    -20 – 70 °C
    30 m
    120 m
    30 m
    ± 0.2 mm/m
    ± 4°
    4 s
    IP 54
    6 h (Li-Ion) and 4 h (4 x AA) in 3-line mode
    1/4", 5/8"
    3 x 360° line

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