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ToughSystem™ Mobile Complete Modular Storage System - 1-70-349

User benefits:

The Toughsystem™ Toolbox range is manufactured with a 4mm thick reinforced outer casing with metal fastening straps and padlock eyes for lockable security. These tool boxes are dust tight and water jet resistant.

• Engineered plastic side clips allows stackability with other boxes.
• When carrying the toolboxes by hand, they can also be fastened together, allowing them to be carried as a stack.
• Heavy duty metal latches and hinges for added durability.
• Bi-material comfortable top handle is easy to grip.
• Locking side handles offer alternative lifting and easier maneuverability.
• Durable 4mm PP structural foam plastic for high impact protection.
• A pressure relief valve enables equalisation of the pressure inside and outside the unit.
• Padlock eyes provide lockable security
• Locking system to secure all the loaded tool boxes

Product information:

Dimensions: 955mm x 235mm x 681mm

Load Capacity: 150 kg

Temperature Resistance: -20°C to +50°C


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